Bread part 2

Since /random/bread we have moved cities, and I'm continuing to make bread.  It's been fine, but a week or so ago I did it on autopilot and put 1.25 cups of water in again. 

And it worked fine.  The loaf turned out perfectly, no problems.

I've since made a couple more loaves, with 1.25 cups of water.  All fine. 


Or, how I lost my mind

I've made most of the bread my wife and I eat for the last 8 years or so, in a home-grade breadmaking machine, the sort of one where you throw the ingredients in a metal pan/tin/container, push a couple of buttons, and 3-4 hours later a nice hot fresh load of bread is ready.

This has worked well; it tastes better than store bought, is cheaper, and it's kinda fun to stick it to The Man on a regular basis.


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