Bread part 2

Since /random/bread we have moved cities, and I'm continuing to make bread.  It's been fine, but a week or so ago I did it on autopilot and put 1.25 cups of water in again. 

And it worked fine.  The loaf turned out perfectly, no problems.

I've since made a couple more loaves, with 1.25 cups of water.  All fine. 


Or, how I lost my mind

I've made most of the bread my wife and I eat for the last 8 years or so, in a home-grade breadmaking machine, the sort of one where you throw the ingredients in a metal pan/tin/container, push a couple of buttons, and 3-4 hours later a nice hot fresh load of bread is ready.

This has worked well; it tastes better than store bought, is cheaper, and it's kinda fun to stick it to The Man on a regular basis.

Situational Awareness as a Sysadmin

System Administration, or more accurately the Operations side of IT, is at its heart a technically complex job.  However, there are some soft skills that are important.  Note that I'm using 'soft' in a non-derogatory sense.  The raw technical aspects are 'hard' in that they have well-defined edges, and typically very clear right and wrong answers.  The 'soft' aspects tend to be fuzzier, with softer edges and more nuance.  One of these soft skills is Situational Awareness.


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