Things I have learned - Part 3

Quick entry today:

You can still use sudo when already root, so if for example you have to be root to trawl around in restricted directories in ways you can't with efficiently do with "sudo ls", you can and should still use "sudo " for actual operations, as it leaves a log trail for later (and can be traced to you by the original sudo on that terminal).

Things I have learned - Part 2

Systems should be silent, unless they have something important to say that requires action on the part of the system administrator. In particular, notifcations (e.,g. e-mails, but potentially other mechanisms) should only be sent if they require action. If the action required is not completely obvious from the direct contents of the notification, then you need to add a link to external documentation detailing what needs to happen (e.g. a "trouble code", or a link to your wiki etc).

Hey look - Drupal!

Hey look, I've got Drupal now.

It's one of the technologies we use at work, that I actually end up supporting (from a sysadmin perspective) for the clients I spend most of my time on. Also, it's "Not Joomla", and "Supports PHP 5.3".

And I'm sure I'll be tinkering for a while; soooo many knobs to tweak.



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