Hey look - Drupal!

Hey look, I've got Drupal now.

It's one of the technologies we use at work, that I actually end up supporting (from a sysadmin perspective) for the clients I spend most of my time on. Also, it's "Not Joomla", and "Supports PHP 5.3".

And I'm sure I'll be tinkering for a while; soooo many knobs to tweak.



My wife was reading the other day. She looked over at me and asked, "What does obfuscated mean?". Being a programmer, and having seen some rather obfuscated code in my time (not to mention the IOCCC) I'm familiar with the true meaning of the word. I explained it, then wondered:

Is the use of the word "obfuscated", in a context where it's unlikely that people will know the meaning of the word, an example of obfuscation?


Yes, my week has been that bad.

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