Bread part 2

Since /random/bread we have moved cities, and I'm continuing to make bread.  It's been fine, but a week or so ago I did it on autopilot and put 1.25 cups of water in again. 

And it worked fine.  The loaf turned out perfectly, no problems.

I've since made a couple more loaves, with 1.25 cups of water.  All fine. 

I find it fascinating that 20-25% variation in the amount of water has so little effect on the bread; maybe if I made both variants and did side-by-side taste testing I could tell there was a difference, but from just eating the bread daily I haven't noticed anything yet.

Also I have even less idea what the hell was going on when the loaves weren't working and the dough was wet.  Different flour maybe?  Surely the subtleties of protein content in flour wouldn't have that much effect though.  And stop calling me Shirley.

Oh well.  I have bread, which means I have toast, which means I have breakfast.  I'm just going to quietly put this episode behind me, and pretend the world is actually sane.