A story of terrible customer service

So, we've shifted into our new house. It rocks. Getting there was a bit of a mission though, and there's a number of companies that need to be singled out for special mention, for cluelessness, lack of customer service, and general stupidity. Just to be clear: these are all, in the end, relatively minor matters. Our cats are fine, we're fine, and the house is intact. But the number of issues is annoying, and frankly:
1) I need to rant
2) These companies need some public shaming (even if it's only shamed on my paltry little website).


My wife was reading the other day. She looked over at me and asked, "What does obfuscated mean?". Being a programmer, and having seen some rather obfuscated code in my time (not to mention the IOCCC) I'm familiar with the true meaning of the word. I explained it, then wondered:

Is the use of the word "obfuscated", in a context where it's unlikely that people will know the meaning of the word, an example of obfuscation?


Yes, my week has been that bad.


Form or Function

2008-09-12 09:32:58
Fashion is fickle. I originally would have contended that it is also pointless; however, I had to change my mind.
When pondering this rant about fashion, I had one opinion. However, as I turned the issue over in my mind, I realised I had completely missed the point.


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