Other Rants

Form or Function

2008-09-12 09:32:58
Fashion is fickle. I originally would have contended that it is also pointless; however, I had to change my mind.
When pondering this rant about fashion, I had one opinion. However, as I turned the issue over in my mind, I realised I had completely missed the point.

Political Time Wasters

Politicians are wasting time; time that belongs to the public as their employersIn New Zealand, 2008, we have an national election coming sometime later this year. The politicians, the ultimate public servants, are doing the same thing they've done for years, but with more vigour than usual. What's that, you ask? Making decisions? Fostering coherent debate? Working towards the best possible solution to the issues of they day? I wish. No, they're doing what they've always done.

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