Actively avoiding bias

I recently read this excellent article which, amongst other things, talks about avoiding a commitment and confirmation bias.  It's well worth a read, quite by itself.

But I had an additional thought.  I have, on the wall of my office, one of these: which really just goes to show how many ways humans have of completely mucking up logical/rational thought processes.  They're all traps to be avoided, and I have up until now largely assumed that my best bet was to be aware of them and try harder to avoid them.  Sadly, that way lies inevitable failure, because by definition these biases are slippery buggers and we fall into them without realising.  Trying harder may help a little, but isn't going to be a magic wand.

What the co-creating article suggested to me, was that I should actively avoid them.  I should try to find ways to structure my decision making processes that minimise the opportunity for those biases to manifest.  As yet I have very little idea how to do this, but I think it's a good plan.  Which is probably the result of a bias.  Sigh.

NB: All this presupposes that rational and logical thought is the ultimate desirable state.  I agree with that whole-heartedly, and I'll take that as a good starting point.